During the holidays We usually kitesurf, surf and wake board but unfortunately there are not alwas appropriate conditions. For those moments to keep good condition and do something more than passive sunbathing. We have created the SUPAIR!

The reason to practise Yoga might seem something obvious for all of us. Generally speaking it makes You healthier and happier.

The benefits of Yoga has been discovered many Years ago but since few Years it find its importance in professional sport.

Many profesional athletes like Novak Diokovic or Andy Muray practise Yoga as an additional training to improve their fitness ability.

But why somebody would like to make it on SUP? The answer is simple SUP Yoga is just more fun and more demanding, so its harder. When we mix Yoga with some cardio and calistenic movements, we will get a perfect total body workout on water. Here are the most important benefits of working out on SUPAIR:

1. First of all You can take it anywhere You want. When You are going for hollidays You can take it with You, and stay in shape instead of just laying on the beach. Its like mobile fitness center.

2. Unstable platform forces Your body to engage core muscles. The sitting position during the day makes Your body lazy and Your bone structure is not protected by the muscles surrounding it. Because of the balance you need to keep, Stand up paddling is perfect way of making this muscles stronger.

3. Full body & cardio workout - engaging in paddle boarding is similar to running, aerobics, or even cross-training. The main muscle groups that are being activated during a paddle are your mid back muscles (latissimus Dorsi), Shoulders (deltoids), Arms (triceps & biceps) and abs. 

4. Improves Your balance and focus in day-to-day activities. If You are not focused You will fall into water.

5. SUP Joga can take Your fitness ability to higher level. Better flexibility, endurance, injury immune

6. Useful in rehabilitation injuries - particularly useful for runners that are experiencing shin splints or knee and hip pain, yet still need a good exercise to do while healing

7. Allows you to connect with nature

8. Its fun and motivating.

Why to Workout with SUPAIR ?

Get in Shape with SUPAIR

Try this ready workout plans to build Your muscles, loose weight, stay in shape while on holidays. 

Yoga Poses

Those are just some suggestions of poses Performed by Sarah. The mixture of beauty and elegance