SUP is a sport You can have pleasure with anywhere the water is. Bellow there are 5 European spots we consider as most interesting and amazing. And where do You want to take Your SUPAIR to ?

Amsterdam - Holand

Amsterdam, Netherlands 

You might have visited Amsterdam or maybe You even live there, but most probably You haven't seen it from this side. Get on board, explore some city, get out of a board, have a coffee next to the river, get back and continue like that for whole day. The city is home to 165 canals that combine for a length of 60 miles, it’s actually a perfect destination for alternative urban touring.

Zell Am See - Austria

Surrounded by the mountains, Zell Am See is seams to be the place from the fairytale. This tourist spot is a place where You can really rest if You want and get tired as well. Stand up Paddle touring on the lake in the middle is an undisputed pleasure and total relaxation. Crystal clear water that reflects beautiful mountains and incredibly blue sky can recharge Your internal batteries for a very long time. 

London - UK

London is a fantastic location for flat water SUP.

The endless Thames and all of the subsidiary canals makes the city a great place for a paddle.

Head to somewhere like Richmond or neighbouring Kingston-Upon-Thames where you can find safe, placid water to explore and see some true English beautiful watersides with plenty of banks to stop off and enjoy a picnic.

Heading for the centre for a paddle alongside Big Ben or the O2 dome is not recommended and would only be for the very experienced riders.

Masurian Lakeland- Poland

Masurian Lakes and canals are the perfect place for SUP exploration especially during summer and spring. It contains more than 2,000 lakes. The district had been elected as one of the 28 finalists of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. The lakes are well connected by rivers and canals, forming an extensive system of waterways.

The possibilities are just unlimited. You can easily stay on Your board for a month to explore the lakes and canals and it still will not be enough time to see it all. Towns and small sailing ports will feel your evening with many events, and if You want to be alone with nature, there is many places You can stop and chill with nobody around.

Sardygna - italy

Sardinia is called a European Caribbean. It's because of its beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear water.

It is possible to practice SUP quite anywhere in Sardinia. If You just go into the see and start paddling,You will see that You can paddle and paddle and paddle and there is always something interesting around the next rock.

The two most known places for water sports are Porto Pollo, in north Sardinia, and Chia at the south part of the island, but You can just take Your board and go anywhere next to the see to have fun.

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